One region
Two provinces
Three railways
For everybody!

Moose Consortium will  enhance the development of this region in accordance with its national significance,  providing broad public benefits for residents, tourists, businesses and public sector operations.

The Moose Consortium plan makes efficient and effective use of existing corridors and infrastructure in ways that are complementary to each municipality’s current transit operations, plans and priorities. Our approach is adaptable to future priorities of both Ottawa and Gatineau, as well as the smaller municipalities of the region.

Municipalities will be able to accomplish their core transit objectives earlier and at lower cost. Operation of regional passenger rail on the existing railway corridors by the Moose Consortium offers a way to increase transit services without burdening each municipality’s capital or expenditure plans, and it can even reduce pressure on both cities’ capital and operating budgets.

The Moose Consortium’s metropolitan passenger rail service will:

  • Provide low fares, excellent service, and enormous environmental advantages
  • Reduce the requirement for OC-Transpo buses to cross into Gatineau, and for STO buses to cross into Ottawa;
  • Free up part of each city’s bus fleet, to enable improved bus allocation for better service and/or cost reduction.
  • Improve worker access to office parks in Kanata North, Gatineau, Belfast Road, and Barrhaven.
  • Reduce the demand for additional Park&Ride lots serving people from other surrounding municipalities.
  • Reduce automobile traffic by at least 25,000 vehicles per day on arterial roads and downtown parking lots.
  • Reduce the region’s CO2 emissions by 20,000 tonnes per year.
  • Enable the effective maintenance and efficient use of existing capital infrastructure.
  • Allow Municipal transit operators to continue to focus on priorities appropriate to their own jurisdictions.
  • Facilitate Commercial commuter bus services to  extend their reach in semi-rural areas.
  • Exchange passengers directly with the LRT, Rapibus and VIA at existing station locations.
  • Reduce the day-to-day stresses of the daily commute with an affordable alternative.
  • Increase access to the National Capital Region’s parks, museums, galleries and tourism venues.
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