Property-Powered Rail® Serving Canada’s National Capital Region

Canada’s Greater National Capital Region is an integrated community in terms of employment, business, access to services, post-secondary education, recreation, culture, social and family networks, ecological landscape, and other factors.

The social vitality and economic resilience of this region through the coming decades would be greatly  enhanced by cost-effective, prompt, comfortable and ecologically sound passenger rail service  integrated with other transit, cycling, pedestrian and automobile infrastructure.

Improved whole-region mobility complements economic, environmental and social objectives, and creates new opportunities for the entire spectrum of households, businesses and visitors.

Moose Consortium is formed by a dozen companies actively arranging to finance, develop and operate a commercial passenger rail service on 400 km of existing track. Bi-level trains will traverse Ottawa and Gatineau, and will operate out to six semi-rural towns throughout the Greater National Capital Region (NCR).

We are planning a safe, affordable, comfortable and sustainable passenger railway to integrate the urban and rural areas in a manner that is fully complementary with the existing municipal transit systems and other commercial transit services.

Our plan is based upon a self-financing strategy for the development and operation of all the systems and extensions required for a metropolitan-scale passenger railway  without dependence upon any public debt or taxes.

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Moose rail will generate 100 square kilometres worth of sustained property value enhancement. Each train station will be an autonomous business  in the Moose “Linked Localities” Consortium. In order to be provided train service, participating owners and investors in commercial and residential property around each station would need to agree to split the increase in after-tax net income and realized asset value, which will be independently determined in a standardized commercial  formula.

No legislative or regulatory changes at any level of government whatsoever are necessary for Moose Consortium to bring this passenger rail system to life. However a private sector initiative of this type does depend on the several public sector stakeholders understanding that the interprovincial nature of the Moose rail project triggers clause 92.10(a) of the Constitution Act of 1867 which provides our plan a clear path through an otherwise very complex multi-jurisdictional matrix.

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