Letter of Application for a Comprehensive Certificate of Fitness

Letter of Application by Moose Consortium Inc. for a Comprehensive Certificate of Fitness to Develop a 400 km Passenger Railway Undertaking Throughout Canada's Greater National Capital Region, and as Required, to Rebuild or Enhance Required Railway Works Owned by Other Companies.


Letter of Application
Response by Moose Consortium Inc. to the Canadian Transportation Agency Staff Letter Dated 24 October 2016
Press Release (bilingual)


Aa) Moose Consortium Inc. Articles of Incorporation.
Ab) Moose Consortium Inc. Agreement template.
B) Moose Consortium “Project 125”.
C) Certificate of Insurance from the Agency's "Guide to Certificates of Fitness".
D) Certificate of Insurance” (Ref.No. 320007384835, for Commercial General Liability) issued by Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc. (Aon).
E) Letter from Moose Consortium Inc.'s Account Executive, Construction Services Group, Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.
F) Illustration of the termini and routes of each line of the proposed railway undertaking.
G) Spreadsheet with ongoing updated information about the railway lines that Moose would use.
H) Preliminary rehabilitation plan for the Prince of Wales Bridge and Lemieux Island sections of the Chaudière Extension, by “REMISZ Consulting Engineers”.
I) “Preliminary Heritage Value Assessment: Prince of Wales Bridge" by MTBA Associates Inc. (Updated/Actualisé v0.2—2016-11-25)
J) Plan for overnight maintenance of trains at multi-purpose maintenance sites by Greenspike.
Ka) Moose Consortium Railway Safety Management System Manual by Dr. Bill Pomfret & Associates (Incorporating Safety Projects International Inc).
Kb) Moose Consortium Railway Emergency Preparedness Guide
L) “Moose Consortium Environmental Management System Manual based on ISO14000” by Firstwatch Consulting.
M) “The Property-Powered Rail Open Market Development Model” by The Opman Company. At the Agency's request and under a non-disclosure agreement, Moose Consortium Inc can provide financial projections based on this approach, for the planned metropolitan passenger rail service.(Updated/Actualisé v1.7—2017-03-06)
N) "Preliminary Development Concept Review: Moose Rail Transit Stations"  by MTBA Associates Inc.(Updated/Actualisé v0.2—2016-11-25)
O) “Preliminary Development Concept Review: Moose Rail Linked Localities"  by MTBA Associates Inc. (Updated/Actualisé v0.2—2016-08-26)
Pa) “Ottawa: Nucleus of Canada's Capital”
Pb) “Gatineau: une ville accueillante qui renforce la capitale du Canada”
Q) Preliminary Step in an Application by Moose Consortium Inc. to Canada's Competition Bureau for a Written Opinion of the Metropolitan Passenger Railway Market in Canada's Greater National Capital Region
R) Request for Expression of Interest (REOI)

“Having followed the development of this initiative closely for several years I believe it has potential to compliment individual municipal transit plans with a comprehensive network that will provide options for urban and rural passengers as well as those commuting to Canada’s Capital from farther afield. It integrates both the Ontario and Quebec jurisdictions across the National Capital Region, which is crucial if this area is to develop in a sustainable and efficient direction. It brings together innovative thinking and a financing concept that has been successful in other major cities. The plan put forward by Moose Consortium deserves serious consideration and proper public attention and debate.”

Dr. Christopher Stoney

Professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University, Director of the Centre for Urban Research and Education (CURE), Academic Director of the Transportation Policy and Innovation Centre (TPIC)

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